Lisa Durant Midheaven Poem

There is a force to trust amidst thundering torrents of life.

The wind moves it; the earth grounds it, and reverberates the mighty sound.


All living things can feel it; few humans receive it.

The pulse of earth and heaven are the same, and the mid place in between.


Artists of all sorts, seers and wise ones, heed calls to wake others.

Those unable to feel rudimentary sensation.

Survival sensation…

Artful messages are sent through powers of attraction and beauty.

Beauty today, pure and unadulterated, is stifled by a masquerade called progress.

Betrayal of heart, land and mind is a game of devious deception.


Human words, written, told or sung, are messengers akin to lyrics of wild birds.

Hope, faith and optimism whilst warning signs borne of assessment.

The wingspan to soar, the power to flap to fly, define a space called Midheaven.

The intersection of earth and air in complete synchronicity.

Heed the call the winds inform, the birds harken, and intuition intact bring.

The power of the natural world has, and will forever, reign supreme.


For the edge of death is scarily near.

Good, light and truth square domination of the dark, powerfully corrupt.

Manmade systems gone awry, designed for consumption, greed and excess.

This movement endeavors to silence the humming of the ages, and opposes the force of elemental nature.

To have glanced the other side of darkness, of death in human form, reveals a pinpoint light that is hope.

Dark tunnels revolve and resound at point; the everlasting gateway is true light and love.


Beauty is Queen.

King and Kingdom fall.


To have survived death in human form, to live again, and to truly see is a gift that has a purpose. That purpose is to serve all living things, the land, and powers I can’t honestly comprehend yet know deeply. Gifted to you dear reader, with lots of love and hope of what can be if we just try. As well, a personal dedication to Doug Tompkins for his work to inspire through beauty protection of wild places.






Where does the soul choose to touch down?

Northern tip of Southern California, rugged coastline, rolling waters.

Early imprints beyond wet sand, on essence life demands.


Verdant green, vibrant florals, scent of orange blossom.

Voluptuous rhapsody of possibility penetrates the core.

Mind, body, spirit flourish in promising roots of home.


Young prisoner held captive by a foreign land of desert delusion.

Starring out for miles on end, eyes seeking, but never reaching a bright horizon.

A place bereft of color, of water, of love.

All is lost in deluges of dust.


Displacement unwanted destroys deep roots.

Bloodsuckers and biters serpentine deserts in dark dominion.

Rambling thorned tumbleweeds pierce and prick, bloodletting heart’s quick.


A kid from California confronted by birth’s inverse.

Topography of options extinguished at death’s door.

The captor, if not death, a mirage of someone’s sick creation.


Who brought tennis courts and golf courses to these lands?

Planted trees and flowers seductively green, and pooled waters into tombs of concrete.

Country clubs, the killer networks, stationed on sacred grounds in violation of the ages.


Distractions from the sting desert mirages bring.

The kid off the water pushed to an extreme.

Forced to fit on a tennis court: mannerly, academic, athlete supreme.


Survival of the fittest demands peak performance.

Domination of others in pursuit to win at all costs.

The cost to soul and community lays wake en route.

Destined for destruction, not victory, as years and history prove.


Rambling tumbleweeds of years brandished irrevocable damage.

The kid from California held on to colors and queries relentlessly against all odds.

She took her inquisition and desire for truth too far,

“Grandmother, how do you know if God is real?”


Tears and shamed politics silenced an ingénue’s query.

Dislocation of deserted place became beautifully real.

Mountains beckoned, “Come climb me, adventure, I am safe, and real.”

Seasons and nature’s grand topography wakened a life near death held in suspension.


Oppressors of good ways and good lands take heed.

Comeuppance custom tailored the way you’d conceive.

Returns redemption and justice full circle for hearts under siege.


The ways of nature, of goodness in light, won’t concede.

The path that leads higher in time finds true power.

Abuse of another or the land so dear, has no place on earth or heaven so near.


Prayers for life, love and the land.

Welcome + Bienvenue, Lisa Durant


Welcome + Bienvenue, Lisa Durant

Lisa Durant

“Do nothing without purpose.” – Saint Augustine

Welcome to my home site at www.lisadurant.com. If I haven’t had the chance to meet you personally, it’s a pleasure to meet you virtually. I believe our paths in life cross for reasons of importance. What you can expect in crossing my path is simple, sustainable guidance from a master do-it-yourselfer. I’ve been called in life to figure out solutions to problems on my own, with few resources, and no one at my side. As many say, adversity is the mother of invention. High-pressure challenge in sports, career and life demand a characteristic some describe as “scrappy” – to win, to be successful, or to survive. Making something out of close to nothing is an art, and a passion. I hope through this platform that I can convey the importance, beauty, and fun involved in living this way.

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” – Paulo Coelho

Before we go too far, I feel it’s important to communicate that the goal of my work is to help both people and the planet. My work is humanitarian and environmental. Living a simple, sustainable life will be beneficial to you and yours, as well as the environment. Likewise, when the environment is happy, it is more hospitable to humans. I believe that humans have impacted the environment through what is known collectively as “progress.” Progress, like it or not, has adversely affected Earth. I cannot sugar coat what I believe to be true. I provide a common sense oriented solution to correct the path we’re on dualistically for both humans and the environment. I believe there’s a way to solve this problem without getting too fancy. Instead of developing machines that vacuum the air of carbon (yes, that’s in the works), I’d rather see us each take personal responsibility for minimizing our footprint. Footprints are what cause problems in nature, and often with ourselves if we look hard enough. Consumption patterns must shift for the good of all.

“That men do no learn very much from history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.” – Aldous Huxley

One step further, I feel there’s a way to not only live simply and sustainably, but also to live beautifully, stylishly and joyfully by making sound investment decisions that warm the heart and soul, while keeping expense and consumption directed to choices that are strategic and keen, not excessive. My solutions are budget-friendly, sensible, and stylish. When life took away everything I’d worked hard for, I wasn’t willing to compromise the intrinsic value I held for beauty and style. I had to figure out how I could live my personal, sustainable style on a shoestring. I can’t say it was always pretty. Life does have a certain tenaciousness that causes our reaction. This is when core values are put to the test. It is how we react that defines who we are in life. In my case, I could not compromise grace, elegance, conduct, style, and my love for nature. I want to encourage you fully that there is a way to live a simple, sustainable stylish life with grace that will make your heart soar.

“Is it true, Prince, that you once said: ‘It is beauty that will save the world?’” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The big takeaway you can get from me is inspiration on how to do this yourself. I have a diverse work background, but my favorite experience was my time spent in the early days of Martha Stewart Living magazine in New York. I was up close and personal with the queen bee of do-it-yourself – Martha Stewart. I can think of no better training ground than time spent with Martha. While at the magazine, my favorite section was called “Good Things,” small things that were budget and time accessible to make life more beautiful. My “Good Things” mentality has never left me, and has been effectively combined to solve complicated issues of our day. My education and training are diverse as I am, including but not limited to: economics, business, marketing, journalism, communications, interior and exterior architecture, French, philosophy, psychology, biology, and kinesiology. I have also studied and traveled abroad to hone an open, world-view. I am not fond of labels or extremes; I love common ground.

Through my writing and my platform, you’ll get to know more about me personally, and what struggles made me feel compelled to stop my career as an event producer to write my first book, and to continue on effectively with this journey to help people and the planet. I hope you’ll decide to tread the course with me. I feel now is the time for change. I see it everywhere. We need leaders that are willing to lead, and will not fear to speak the truth. True leaders must stand against the status quo when it is clearly necessary. These times call for courage, and at the same time, compassion. I believe in a world that is one. I believe in peace, not war. I believe banded together, one by one, grounded in sense and with nature as our guide, we solve what we must.

With much more than luck, with skill.

Rocketing Skywards


Rocketing Skywards

Lisa Durant

I’m not sure how you all are feeling, but just gotta say the last few weeks have brought some seriously interesting times. I’m not one to follow astrology, but according to those that do, May 4 and the Scorpio moon has basically brought down the house (or houses as they say). I looked up at the moon that night and it was absolutely stunning – sultry burnt orange-yellow perfection! And the Giants won with Bumgarner at the helm – what more could you want? The Warriors?

At that point, astrology follower or not, it was clear something beyond normal comprehension was about to occur. For me, that became fact and a quick step down memory lane – did I ask for that? Mm, perhaps but definitely didn’t see it coming if you know what I mean. Sunday apparently brought a new moon in Taurus – my particular sign, and I suppose not being a genius in this area, what I’d call movement similar to a heat sinking missile, or 20 as the case was.

The fact is that things in life do happen in a sequence we strive to understand. We can do so under the auspices of religion, astrology, spirituality and even the absence of anything – although I do not recommend that particular path. For some of us, the last 2 weeks have brought a reckoning with the past, present and future in a way we’d prefer not to address in such rapid-fire succession. For me personally, I’ve pleaded for time, for space, for air. We cannot be asked to decide proper course when the world reigns down on us in this kind of fashion. To settle, to sit, to find calm in a storm is hard. It can even feel life threatening – the air goes out of the room. I wrote recently that one of the hardest things to do in life is to wait, to be patient, and to sit in absolute faith that forces bigger than us know better and will help to place puzzle pieces we cannot position ourselves. That is the definition of courage.

I was shot out of the barrel a brazenly determined athlete, and this approach to life meant pushing beyond measure, never letting up. I am essentially Tom Cruise (in girl’s clothing) in Top Gun. Sitting and waiting for anything in life seems horridly wrong, just until the point life serves up a challenge I seemingly can’t handle. As you well know, catastrophic events are intentioned for us to learn, and to grow. Nearly losing my life in January was one of many particular challenges life served up to grow, to become better than I otherwise was, and for a particular purpose. Learning not to abandon oneself or one’s wing men (or women) in life is a darn hard lesson to learn – especially for self-sacrificing, selfless ones despite what it seems on the surface – it is a matter of pride. For someone like me to sit and wait and rely on something I cannot comprehend seems unfathomable, but is precisely what was and is required. I’d prefer to shove pieces into place. Do you know this feeling? Somehow, quite certain that you do – control freaks most of us are.

The reality is life is a dance of effort balanced with patience and trust. When I nearly lost my life, I promised myself I’d strive for simple balance. I recently took up surfing in extremely cold waters just to give myself a reality check in this department. Go the distance with yourself and grow in ways you don’t think are possible. If patience is your problem, like me, challenge yourself to find and trust it. If you can’t get up and go, then you know what you must do – just do it. Come on, we’re all in on this thing called life, and in viewing our strengths and weaknesses with blatant honesty we’ll grow and be the ones we were asked to be. Show up and do what you must.

In closing, an in summation for the last 2 weeks and forevermore, Mr McCartney said it best (I edited for a few key phrases):

“With a little luck, we can help it out. We can make this whole damn thing work out. With a little love, we can lay it down. There is no end to what we can do together. There can be no misunderstanding. There is no end to what we can do together. There is no end. The willow turns his back on inclement weather. We can do it, just me and you. With a little push, we could set it off. We can send it rocketing skywards. With a little love, we could shake it up. Don’t you feel the comet exploding? With a little luck, a little luck, a little luck.”

Rocketing skywards,

My Birthday Gift to You Dear Reader


My Birthday Gift to You Dear Reader

Dedicated to Nancy Blum, and those we've loved + lost

Dedicated to Nancy Blum, and those we’ve loved + lost

I nearly died this past January. To be more precise, I believe I was actually dead in a Marin County, California hospital. I know it’s a stretch for some to believe returning from death is possible, but it is. On reflection, the easy part was actually “saving my life.” Working hard and fast to survive post-trauma is proof of our innate human fight or flight response.

On a deeper level, I knew there was both an energetic and psychological aspect to my healing. Naively, I thought with the incredible fortitude necessary to save my physical life, that the more challenging aspects having to do with the way things work, and the more banal necessities of life would begin to follow suit in an upward direction.

As a solo mother of 3, I have experienced far more than my fair share of hard knocks, injustice, and to be honest, pain. I ridiculously reasoned that if God (my clearinghouse word for the higher power I know exists but can’t comprehend), wanted my life saved, then it should naturally follow that things would begin to break my way, and at the very least, for my children. A month post saving my life, I realized this was a jaded perception.

I’m sure like many of you, the old adage that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is tired and worn. I have done that routine too many times to count, and it is likely you have too. What seems to be the case is that in actuality, wrenching experiences that would normally kill any mortal, doesn’t. And it is within this process that we begin to learn that we aren’t truly mortal, or simply of this earth. Our past, our present, and our future are deeply intertwined in much we may not understand, but begin to feel. Even though we can’t understand what and why, we know that everything we’ve been through has been divinely led.

It is guidance. It is preparation. It is meant to train for something far more important than we ever imagined in our mortal minds. Transitioning this plane of thought is a big one. It requires complete surrender of self that we know better. The ego, the accomplishments, the expectations – all of it is over and done. What’s left is a prayer to a powerful universe that does know better. It is complete surrender, just in case I didn’t make that point strongly enough. It is belief and faith in something far larger than our limited comprehension. This is a place for the fearless warrior. The one that through time and circumstance has experienced something deeper than just present life, and is willing to trust it.

For those of us familiar with crucifixion and how it feels, to stand up and fight for something we believe relentlessly time and time again, this is dedicated to you. The fact is, deep inside, you know all of this instinctually. In February, I was driving from California to Colorado and on audio was listening to Marianne Williamson on the subject of “Return to Love.” Marianne is more than amazing, and if you’re reading this, you likely know this to be true. She quipped on audio how some of us, who me? Yes, you and me, willingly and lovingly climb up on crosses of our making, just to hang out. I guess it takes one to know one, but I found this remark not only poignant, but also hilariously funny. Yes, right up until the point I realized it wasn’t. No God, no universe, no higher power wanted us to martyr upon defeat. There is no honor or purpose in that. So we descend the cross, and back into the trenches we go in hot pursuit of a life worth living. It is precisely at this point, when we are broken, lost at sea, in the abyss, or for 40 days wandering, that we find ourselves. Men are made men. Women are made women. Lives become as they should be. Faith, belief, purpose, and understanding abounds and drives us to what is ultimately our destiny.

This might sound radical, but it is not. Every religious or spiritual tradition comes to the same place of belief. We do not have the divides that others wish to impose on us. It isn’t uniquely Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or other, it is life. It is the higher power of what is right, and a true understanding of the way things work for every single one of us – no matter race, religion, color, or any other derisive technique that one would use against another to separate or divide. We are one. My wish and pure intention for a world that is in need of repair is to surrender. To give up the ideologies that perhaps we were raised with that lead us into dissent or controversy.

I am fortunate to have traveled the world, and have seen the most amazing things, and met people from all over – often where we don’t speak the same language – left in effect with hand gestures as a means of communication. I can honestly say that we are one. Brothers and sisters that by some incredible grace get to share precious time on Earth. If you are having trouble seeing this fact as truth, I urge you to open your heart and your mind. Drop your programming – from your parents, your teachers, from policy makers, and other tenants that suggest they know better than you. Honestly, what would it be like to step into yourself? To breathe? To surrender? And then to ask humbly, what is this all about? What are we here to do? And then, the hardest part… To wait, to listen – often in the abyss of darkness for an answer in faith. No mortal soul would endeavor to do this. But would you?

Pushing Boundaries


Pushing Boundaries


I’ve had occasion to think about scars. As an athlete, I’ve found that I’m pretty proud of mine. So much so that those close to me think it is a charming preoccupation. While others might be focused on Laboutin’s or the latest from Chanel, I think about battle wounds. I’ve been wondering why this is so important. My scars tell a story. Of a tennis career called short by a skiing accident, a shin bash from a fast descent down Boulder canyon with the hockey team, and scraped up elbows and knees from use as brake pads as a kid. When I look back, it’s been a life of adventure – constantly pushing the limit of what’s possible. Living this way does result in injury – the odds are something will happen, and so it does. But to true athletes, injuries, losses, and setbacks cause us to endure, and end up becoming accomplishments. Setbacks make us reevaluate what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Through careful introspection and analysis, there’s the promise to come back stronger and better than ever before. Everyday we read stories about athletes that defy the odds and make unbelievable comebacks – stories that warm the heart, and inspire each of us to go beyond what we believe is possible.

Recently, I had to mount a recovery that fell outside the realm of sports. I had just finished the North Face endurance trail run, was working ungodly hours on a design project, and was busy making sure everyone’s holiday was beyond Martha Stewart standards. Not sure how many hours of sleep I logged in December, but wasn’t much. I realize now that I pushed the margin of what’s possible for one human being. The real-life demands created an imbalance that made me ill, and fast. I went from running the North Face to a hospital, and this time, not for an injury. I was a fish out of water in an experience I’d never imagined before. I have been a health nut all my life, hardly ever sick, and this was plain foreign. I am lucky they say to be out with my life.

Down 15 pounds I didn’t have to lose (think endurance runner), I had to come back, and fast. I had to train like a guy for the first time ever. The plan I created for myself included: heavy weight/low repetition strength workouts, hill climbs with high tension/low cadence, and eating like a horse things far from my wildest imagination in content and quantity. The process was amusing to onlookers, and let’s just say I’m glad to have established my equilibrium in about 3 weeks time. This particular recovery has been the fastest and most sensational one of my life; the 8 knee surgery recoveries were arduous at best. I look back with the wisdom I now posses, and know I could have done better with previous injuries and recovery.

Coming to the long point, my direction in college was to work in sports medicine. Life takes strange twists and turns yet what is a lifelong passion never abates. Time and circumstance return us to the start, as is the case with me. Please look for changes as I transition a platform for high performance training and recovery, already underway. I promise you that after 28 years of finding and working with the best in sports medicine, training, and nutrition – there will be something for the athlete within us all.

The Best Athletes


The Best Athletes

Sports Collage

Have you ever been in a discussion about which sport yields the best athletes? I was recently. A male dominated group hollered it had to be football because of raw strength, speed, and toughness. I had to wait to compose my thoughts carefully. I said that it was hard to name a specific sport that was the one because I felt the best athlete must be good in as many sports as possible to be deemed the best. They pressed me for a sport and I said tennis was a good example of a comprehensive sport because it demands excellence in all of the core performance categories. I am perhaps biased because from age 11-18, I spent most of my hours outside of school either on a court or traveling to one. Here’s my defense, to play tennis well, you must have: skill, strategy, speed, agility, endurance, eye-hand coordination, rapid response ability, flexibility, and mental toughness. The mental piece in tennis is huge because you are solo out there – there’s no coaching, and no team to help – so everything needs to come from somewhere inside of you. I’m sure there are other sports where all of this is going on simultaneously, but this is the one I’m most familiar with. I trail run, mountain and road bike, and ski. Put to the test above, these sports are not as athletically demanding across all categories as tennis, they could be in a few aspects, but not all.

A friend of mine was fielding a question from a parent on how his son could become the best lacrosse player on the team. Matt, the coach, advised the parent to work on all the things you’d expect on the technical side, but added the boy should play as many sports as possible. Matt is from upstate New York where multisport participation was a must do because of weather and seasonal rosters. He rambled off the regulars: football, soccer, and basketball. Rounding out the package for depth is a great idea that crosses over to areas of specialized focus. I did it as a kid. My father was a competitor, and it was obligatory that his first born, even if a girl, have command and control of as many sports as possible by the age of 10 (including sports more customary for boys). I was playing tennis and skiing by 3, and running miles by 4. I could throw a spiral by 5, and field and hit anything my father would send my way. This wound me up as the lone girl in an all-boys league playing first base and serving as designated hitter. Other sports included swimming, volleyball, fly fishing, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, sailing, and golf. I know that the exposure to a variety of sports helped me be a better tennis player as a youth, and carries over to all the sports I do today. If you’re frustrated with Strava, like me, for offering limited categories to explain your athletic endeavors, you are definitely on the right track! Constantly challenging your mind and body in sports or training manifests superior results. Core competency goes sky high the more you know and can do. And the great part is, all of this transfers directly to the bigger game of life.

One of my first jobs out of college was working for Martha Stewart in New York. I had been planning, designing and executing events in Aspen, and my task was to roll out a national events program for Martha and the magazine. After being in place one week, I was on to learning market research by week two. The magazine was in a high growth stage with a very small team and limited resources. So, I became an expert in a bunch of things quickly, on top of my responsibilities for events: market research, writing, editing, styling, marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, and creative content development. I look back and know exactly what prepared me to handle this kind of demand under pressure, deadlines, and little sleep. It was my career in sports. Martha quickly figured this out, and used it for the benefit of the company – a good idea.

The “best” athlete is good at anything they step into, even for the first time. Oftentimes when it seems that someone is a natural it is because they’ve been trained in a way that prepares them to do anything well. The greater the breadth and overall skill, the better the result, and the positive impact on other components. Knowing you can step into any situation and handle it well is the reward for approaching life this way. The good news for the boy that’s going to go push the boundaries in a number of sports is that he’ll not only be a better lacrosse player, he’ll be better in any sport he does, will have improved overall health, and will be able to transfer all these skills to life, now and forever.

A Heroic Heart Made Strong by Time and Fate


A Heroic Heart Made Strong by Time and Fate


Come, my friends, ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order smite the sounding furrows; for my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths of all the western stars, until I die. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: it may be we shall touch the Happy Isles, and see the great Achilles, whom we knew though much is taken, much abides; and though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; one equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. – Alfred Lloyd Tennyson from Ulysses

Sometimes you need to lose your life to find it. I’ll write more about it later, but for now, it is sufficient to say I almost lost my life over the holidays. The experience, horribly scary as it was, gave me life back, an invigorated version, with clarity I’ve never quite had before. I am grateful for this experience as it clarified what mattered and why. It has helped me find people close to me, and those I wanted close to me – friends, community, and beyond. It outlined a sort of homecoming to return to what I always wanted to do in life – as an athlete, in sports medicine, and high performance training. Adversity rights a course in dramatic fashion.

They say life works in mysterious ways. I believe that sentiment now more than ever. When you come full circle around, everything makes perfect sense – the ups and downs, wins and losses, happiness and pain. Having clarity on the other side of confusion is bliss. I love winning as an athlete, but the journey might actually be more rewarding and compelling.

What was required of me personally to save my life was the stuff of legend. I ejected myself from a mainstream hospital that seemed to me to be running reckless. I was doing simple math and analytics in the hospital for the benefit of my health. I observed a protocol set in motion by a few misaligned doctors on my treatment team, and one that was in control that that was depleting me physically without restoring in a way my body could handle. Important symptoms I felt needed to be addressed were not. The medical system not working well was something I was bearing witness to directly. The fear this created in me was profound, and was fueled by doctors that operated from a power position and seemed to love the worse case scenario. I don’t do well surrounded by anyone that represents the worse case scenario. My life as I know it has been about positive visioning and thinking what can be done, not what can’t. This is more than an essential outlook when it comes to medicine and healing. It became clear to me that if I wanted to save my life, it was necessary to escape what I saw as a fear monger prison that didn’t care, and was operating without good sense. I did exactly that. Day to day, I have made huge strides in physical recovery far beyond what would have occurred in the hospital, and have exceeded all projections, even my own. I think I would have made a better doctor than I had imagined.

My personal recovery is my plan, and I assembled an A-team to make sure success is guaranteed – the best of traditional and integrative medicine, and a knock-your-socks-off nutrition and hydration plan. The story is jaw dropping and true. Many felt I was the reckless one for leaving the hospital.

Personal power combined with divine guidance hinges on knowing yourself, listening to your intuition (gut), and acting with complete confidence and composure. Tennyson brilliantly illumines this combination of life skill in Ulysses, part of which I’ve excerpted above. To be brave, courageous, strong beyond measure, wise, and to skillfully fight with intuition and intention for the right thing makes all the difference. It saved my life. The world needs heroic hearts, minds, and bodies now more than ever. One glance at the news and it is apparent how much we need every force working for good to do so. Sometimes saying what needs to be said is hard, often unpopular, and can sometimes mean going against a system in place. History has burned people at the stake for standing up. My experience is one of standing up in a hard situation. I did the right thing however unpopular and unconventional it might have been.

If I can share one thing in this post, it would be that we need everyone working for good that we have on Earth to do so. Moving towards light and love and holding strong to your personal truth is what matters. Find it in yourself and in others – band together. One by one we do change the world by each agreeing to show up in this way. It is more powerful than any medicine or political movement.

Life takes a heroic heart. History loves heroes that have acted this way – Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, George Washington, Nelson Mandela and the list goes on. It’s been said, and perhaps it is cliché, but you can be a hero every single day just by showing up the way you know you should. I hope you do, and that goes for me as well as it is a lifelong intention for top performance always.

In the name of love,

Time Has Come A Day


Time Has Come A Day


The path back to life manifests in crazy twists and turns. Like many, I was born to a father that wanted a son first. As such, I became the boy that my father wanted in girl’s clothing (sort of). I played on his all-boys’ baseball team and league – first base and designated hitter – to the chagrin of my brother and all his friends. When the fervor of such atrocity hit a chord, as would naturally follow, due discourse with my father ensued. “Dad, I’m not a boy, and I think it best I do something girls do.” Such a comment is stronger now than ever if you sneak a peak at Emma Watson’s UN speech as our newly minted ambassador for women.

My guess is that something she said, plus something I’ve experienced would have me share this with you now. Personal power and strength belongs to each of us. Where we find it is of course unique because we’re all gifted with special talents. For me personally, it’s been both athletic and academic. Later in life, it involved society. I’ve written that I’ve lost far more than I won, and that is true. I didn’t win Wimbledon as I hoped, nor a gold medal in downhill at the Olympic Games. My fairy tale dreams never came close to happening. Yet, with all the fairy tales that came crashing to the ground came an understanding of what is uniquely feminine personal power. Something that can’t be bought or sold, and is only found in one place – heart center. Yeah, you can do a downward dog.

For me, it’s been a reckoning to understand at least for now that it doesn’t involve anyone other than me – that’s right, a knight in shining armor isn’t coming around. It doesn’t matter how talented, how beautiful, how special, how anything – our course as women has come to be that we must endeavor to be heroic on our own without an obligatory attachment to men. It is really hard as women when we’ve been sold tales for generations to believe time has come a day – but it has. Is it the feminist movement that I’ve so much opposed for reasons that I felt didn’t give women an option to choose a more “traditional way” a choice? Can’t say. But what I do understand is that times have changed, for better or for worse. Our daughters, ourselves. Understand one thing – nobody should give up personal power to anyone, for any reason – male or female.

And the path back to life – I had no idea it would go back to basics the way it has. To have me return to days of true personal power, found on a tennis court or a ski hill, where yes you can smile as a girl or a woman, but grunt and bear it in a way that no man would ever mess with you. There’s a really fine line between feminity, grace, and survival. I concur with Ms. Watson that we have nothing to excuse for being brilliant, strong, athletic, stunning, creative and every other aspect that could define a woman. We don’t need to make a point, but can and must hold strong. So whatever your medium, I implore you to find it, reclaim it if necessary, and make it your own. No apologies needed for being a man or a woman with all due respect.

With the very best of intentions as always,

When Life Circles Full Round


When Life Circles Full Round


I am way too young to speak of age. Not that it matters except to inform that after a certain number, some become wise. The process to achieve the status of wise is sporadic, non-sensical at best. Generally, or at least in my case, it’s involved more pain than anyone would endeavor to experience. Yet, it is in the process of pain and growth, things become clear.

To be honest, I’ve lost far more than I’ve won. And no, it hasn’t been fair. Delusions – what my parents said about fairy tales and a magical knight that viewed the same bright moon with a vision for good – ah no, none of that strident dedication and belief has ever been shared in practical application. What is true is that we are born to live, to survive, and to fight for the purpose that brought us here. If we consistently turn away from that light, it is for certain we’ll be served up pain.

Pain is there to tell us to go back. To go back to why we are here. In my years of being and adventuring, I am absolutely certain of one thing – we are here for a reason. Have you heard it said that playing small doesn’t serve anyone, most of all, yourself? When people say step into your greatness, it isn’t a line. It’s real. What you wrestle with, what I wrestle with, the common cause of all humanity lives right here. No matter how dark it seems, and I know all about dark and light, don’t abandon humanity and why you’re here despite every dismal report, and perhaps real-life account.

For those of us that survive some of the most amazing things, we come out the other side to tell you to hold on with a sure grip to the things that brought you here. There are so many instances in life that I could have told you would have made sense to let go completely, aka to quit, to abuse, to diffuse – I never did. People ask me personally what it has taken to survive, and I can only say it is divine for lack of a better explanation – or ok, maybe some solid intuitive guidance! When you are called to light, life will never allow you to live another way. You will see what can’t be seen, and feel what can’t be felt – and the reason for this not-so-special distinction is that it is to help at its’ root. It’s holiday time, and with all the lights, gifts, and celebrations – don’t abandon your light. This is the first year I’ve not had a Christmas tree, decorations – none of it, but somehow, in the absence of commercialism is the real thing – understanding the light that’s always been so compelling is the one to be shown and lived, this time for real.